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What is the Affordable Care Act?

ACA Health Insurance for Palm Beach County Residents

The Affordable Care Act (EAI), enacted in 2010, is a crucial American law reshaping how healthcare is accessed and received, especially for lower-income Americans.

Referred to as Obamacare, EAI health insurance aims to simplify health coverage for Americans, particularly those with limited financial resources. Under this legislation, individuals are mandated to acquire health insurance, and larger employers are obligated to provide and contribute to this coverage. For those aged 65 or older without premium-free Medicare entitlement, the Marketplace offers options to purchase health insurance coverage. Our dedicated team of EAI agents is committed to assisting you in obtaining your EAI health insurance, spanning from EAI to [Adjacent Areas].

In the past, individuals facing insurance denials due to preexisting conditions had minimal alternatives. However, the Affordable Care Act has changed this scenario, granting choices to those previously hindered by financial circumstances or preexisting health conditions. For instance, a family of three residing in Port St. Lucie with an income ranging from $21,960 to $87,840 would now qualify for coverage.

The EAI mandates that all health insurance plans cover 10 essential health benefits, ensuring comprehensive coverage. These benefits encompass crucial services like doctor visits, emergency care, hospital stays, pediatric services, maternity and newborn care, and preventive and wellness services.

Are you in search of affordable EAI health insurance and residing in EAI? Do you seek ways to reduce your medical expenses in EAI or [Another Neighboring Area]? Reach out to us at 800-901-8849 or click here to learn more. We are devoted to aiding residents of EAI and nearby regions in enrolling for Obamacare, securing the affordable healthcare coverage they rightly deserve.

income Americans.

Eligibility for EAI Coverage: A Closer Look

Obamacare offers tax credits on a sliding scale, making coverage more accessible. If your earnings fall within 100%-400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), you’re likely eligible for some form of subsidy. Those with incomes below 138% of the FPL, living in states with expanded Medicaid coverage, may qualify for Medicaid based on their income. Even if your income falls below the FPL, you’re not guaranteed subsidies, but you have a higher likelihood of qualifying for Medicaid.
Apart from income criteria, several other eligibility conditions need to be met, including:
  • You are not incarcerated during the application process.
  • You possess US citizenship or legal residency.
  • You are a current resident of the US during the application process.
  • Your income does not surpass 400% of the FPL.
  • You’re not a US Citizen but hold a valid work or student visa.
  • Haitian and Cuban entrants.
  • Don't navigate this process alone. Let one of our agents guide you through the application process at no additional charge. We listen to your unique healthcare needs to find the perfect plan that fits your budget. Call EZ access insurance in at 800-901-8849 or click here.

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